The Military Coup 

Whatever the style of government ... it cannot be worse than what we have now.

There are many scenarios in which the US is headed for conflict after the election. There are only two choices.

When a country reaches a point where no political figure can command the population and the breakdown of law and order is a threat to national security the choice is between a continued oligarcy (with the support of the military) or a military takeover. In the case of the USA that would make General Mark Alexander Milley Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a major player. At 62 Milley is due to retire. Milley has sufficient medals to prevent his survival should he fall into a swimming pool. He is not alone in that regard as most high ranking US military officers would also suffer a similar fate.

The citizens of the US are suddenly understanding that In the  absence  of  an  international role  for  the  military,  they  are  unable  to  commit  to  maintaining  a  strong military. The presence of international threats makes the promises to the citizens more  credible, This is why the present oligarcs and politicians are desperate to create an international conflict.

Should Milley take control would the US thus become, as with most failing empires, a 'military dictatorship' a military junta with Milley as President?

What then for the huge US arms industry? If the dollar fails so does the financial support for such. As the country burns can the military start another war? Unlikely as the military personnel would be more concerned for their pay and family survival regardless of the quantity and quality of the weapons systems available. They could not invade as it would require exactly such personnel. Would they start a nuclear war with another nuclear power? Unlikely as it would result in self-destruction even though the military are trained to administer death they are even more addicted and trained for their own survival.

What then with the (deep state) CIA and FBI whose control over the oligarchy/politicians was manifest yet over the military is not? They will become secondary to the power of the military as the majority of their budget will be so reallocated.

Consequently, societies in which oligarch regimes in the past have chosen large militaries may end up with military dictatorships. There is general consensus that non-democracies should typically have more military spending than democracies. As in the US the elite need to pay large sums to the military to stop a military takeover.

Everything depends on the US dollar maintaining its international value yet the present threats are manifestly obvious. Should the dollar fall oligarchs will move assets out of the US, funds to the military will fall, the payment to military personnel overseas will become insufficient, the bases will need to be recalled and there will be a 'firesale' of weapons.

All this points to 'regime change'.